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Directly Dial Your Department

Ever been sanctioned by the Court for being late? Have you ever been in traffic and need to call the Department and you don’t have the number? Have you called your office only to find that your secretary is late? Did you go to lunch and realize that you forgot to tell your boss what floor the court room is on for his 1:30 pm hearing? Have you ever gotten to Court on time only to wander around from floor to floor looking for a Department?

User Review

  • OMG – Finally a quick and easy way to search for a Court Room telephone number on the run.

    Elizabeth, Attorney Los Angeles
  • So simple. Why has no one else thought of this. A quick reference to what floor I need to be on instead of running around the Courthouse frantically searching in a maze.

    Gevork, Attorney San Francisco
  • A database that lets me add my case number, client name and notes on the Judge – Just in case I need to file a CCP 170.6 for the next file.

    Donald, Attorney Pasadena
  • Save time with direct access to all the necessary information for your needed courthouse at your fingertips in one place. No more checking from one county to the other!

    Mary, Attorney Los Angeles
  • I love this App – every time my boss is late to a hearing, I’m not in the office not I can easily call the Court indicating that she will be late on the go – without navigating through pages of the antique court webpage.

    Christina, Legal Secretary Los Angeles
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